Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Tiny Art

There is something fascinating about really tiny pieces of artwork or craftwork. They seem so impossible and yet people manage to create these itty-bitty masterpieces. Like Althea Crome, the micro-knitter, who I wrote about in my last post. Or Willard Wigan – he displays his sculptures in the eyes of needles. Or Anja Markiewicz – she folds intricate origami figures that are millimetres tall. The contrast between the size of their works and the amount of skill and patience it takes to create them is remarkable. In other words, they are crazy awesome.

Why am I praising the world of teeny-tiny art? Well, I’ve discovered micro-crocheting! I came across Mariella Vitale’s work and I was blown away. (If you haven’t seen her work, check it out at www.muffa-minis.blogspot.comand you’ll see what I mean.) I was inspired to do some micro-crocheting of my own. I bought the smallest hook I could find, 0.6mm, got my hands on a spool of cotton and started miniaturising one of my patterns. This is what I’ve done so far –

He’ll be a little mouse when he’s all finished. I need to give him another arm, a nose and some eyes. I’m going to try and give him the same eyes that I gave the Googy-eggs. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of space on his little face to do it but fingers crossed.

Check out some tiny art. (I dare you not to say wow when you see what these people can do.)

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