Saturday, 31 March 2012

Tutorial: Crocheting Around a Chain

The pattern I'm posting next will involve crocheting around a chain so I wanted to do a short tutorial for those who have never come across this before. I use this technique to make oblong shapes when making amigurumi. It is also often used to make slippers.

Crocheting Around a Chain

First make a chain.


(When crocheting in rows, the loops highlighted in red are called the back loops, those in yellow the front loops. Because we flip the work when crocheting around a chain, the back loops become the front loops so I’ll just call them Side 1 loops and Side 2 loops.)

 Single crochet in second Side 1 Loop from the end. 


Continue placing a single crochet in each Side 1 Loop.


  Until you reach the end. Chain 1.

Turn work upside down. Single crochet in first Side 2 Loop.


 Continue crocheting in Side 2 Loops.

When you reach the end, chain 1. You’ve completed your first round. For the next round follow the pattern instructions just as you would if you were crocheting around a ring.