Friday, 15 June 2012

Birthday Bones and a Shrunken Head

What have I been up to this week? Well, I made a couple of birthday bones for the boys (my dogs) and I started work on a shrunken head.

But before I get into that I just wanted to apologise to those who receive this blog’s updates via email. By the time the post update about testing Biff the Angry Bear was sent to email subscribers all the testers had been chosen. I’ll now be making sure that these updates are sent the same day I make a new post.

Moving on … 
These are the boys. Pippin –

And Oscar – 

Pippin, a Pomeranian, turned 10 years old today! Oscar, a who-in-the-world-knows, is turning 3 years old tomorrow! I crocheted the bones they are chewing for their birthday gifts. The free bone pattern I used was from and can be found here. I’m not sure how long Oscar’s will last. He usually destroys his toys in a couple of days. I did crochet his with two strands of yarn so hopefully it will last a little longer than that.

Moving on …
Have you seen Tim Burton’s classic 80s movie, Beetlejuice? It is one of my favourite movies and when I had an urge to make something a little creepy, this guy popped into my head –

For now, I’m only going to make the head. The body will have to be quite large and I’m not really up to tackling it just yet. Here is how far I’ve progressed –

Do you think I should have used a different coloured yarn for the mouth stitches? I’m not sure about the nose either. I’m hoping it will look a little better when I put in the brow and cheek bones. We shall see …

The complete Shrunken Head Guy and pattern can be found here.

 Filmography link and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database.
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