Sunday, 24 June 2012

Do Over

I have this problem of not listening to that little voice of reason in my head, you know the one that tells you to go to bed early or to eat an apple instead of an entire packet of chocolate biscuits or the one that tells you to take a break from crocheting for the sake of your wrist, back and neck. I hardly ever listen to this voice. I always stay up too late, I usually choose a packet of chocolate biscuits over a good ol’ apple and I tend to crochet until my thumbs lock up on me and my head can no longer turn to the left. You see I’m a big fan of listening to the ‘It’ll be fine’ voice. This was the voice I listened to as I worked on the Shrunken Head this week.

Every time I added a new feature to my Shrunken Head it didn’t look quite right but I thought, no, no, it’ll be fine and kept crafting along. It wasn’t until I had sewn on a quarter of the hair that I finally gave into my voice of reason and decided to try again. Even then I thought I could take a shortcut (my voice of reason was just shaking its head at me at this point) and I tried to unpick some of the facial features. This is what happened – 

So I started from scratch. This time I used pins to map out the features. 

(I'm using my new curved upholstery  needle. A bit funny to hold but much nicer on the fingertips than my old tapestry needle.)

I’ve really enjoyed working on the facial features of the head. I might try to do some detailed dolls in the future. I've been inspired by this amazing artist called Neta Amir who makes really interesting crochet dolls. Her technique … I would describe it as sculpting with crocheted fabric. Her blog is called Doll Stories, the address is Her process and her finished works are fascinating.

Okay. I’m off to finish the hair. Moral of the post: Listen to that little voice of reason! (I say as I bite into my  fifth biscuit of the day - *sigh* one day I’ll learn my lesson.)
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