Sunday, 15 July 2012

Challenge Accepted!

Shelly over at has nominated me for the Kreativ Award. Thank you! I am all giggles and smiles – I am so happy that you think my blog is worthy of this. I am also really excited. Shelly has done some research and gone back to the original rules for this award. They are as follows:
  1. Thank the blogger who nominates you and link back to their site.
  2. Nominate four more creative bloggers for this award and link to their sites.
  3. Explain why you are nominating these four (and please not “I like their blog” -  be a bit more… creative with it!)
  4. Set your four nominated bloggers a creative challenge that they must complete in order to accept the award.
  5. Blog about the challenge and how you have met it.

Something New
Shelly’s challenge is to make something you have never made before. Inspired by Shelly, who is making a flower a day for a year, I have decided to crochet three flowers. I usually make goofy things so it will be nice to make something pretty for a change. It’s a small challenge, I know, but I have a couple of big projects coming up soon so I needed to keep it short and sweet. I will be completing the flowers before the 27th and will only claim my award when they are finished :)

The Award Ceremony
I’ve been nominated for two other awards previously but I wasn’t up to the task of nominating the number of blogs required. This time however I knew exactly the blogs I wanted to share with everyone. Two of the following bloggers have helped me out with testing and two have encouraged my blogging by reaching out in some way. They are all incredibly creative. So it’s time to share the love =D

Ahem. Please be upstanding as the names are read.

Yufang at (there is raucous applause, wolf whistling and fist pumping) Yufang writes on a variety of topics and her blog is a bright and beautiful experience. I am nominating her for her lovely crochet patterns, particularly her Little Kitty Marie. There is a real sweetness in the design which I admire.

Aisha at (everyone in the crowd starts waving their hands in the air like they just don’t care) She has a recipe for Choc-banana loaf and crochet patterns for owls. Need I say more – no, but I will. Funny enough, while she has some great recipes and cute patterns on her blog, I nominate her for the beautiful photos she shares.

Lisa at (everybody cheers and people start throwing coloured streamers in the air) The photos are always beautiful, the projects are always impeccable. Her sewing projects are gorgeous and make me want to improve my very poor sewing skills. I nominate her for her awesome pencil cases.

Jenny at (the crowd starts chanting J.E.N.N.Y) I have a very specific reason for nominating Jenny. She has a wonderful blog and she is an excellent crocheter and deserves to be nominated just on that, however, I am nominating her for one particular project. Jenny made a girlfriend for Biff the Angry Bear. She’s purple and red and she’s named Bea. She put a creative twist on one of my patterns. I love it!

(The crowd falls into a contented silence, more than satisfied with the outcomes of the award ceremony.)

The Little Things

It is always lovely to take time to appreciate the little things. My challenge to you, if you choose to accept it, is to blog about some little thing that has inspired you. It could be a beautifully designed piece of jewellery or a malformed button. It could be a note from a loved one or your favourite flower or a funny shaped stain on your collar. It could be something incredibly ordinary that has an extraordinary story behind it. Explain how this little thing inspired you. I think delving into your creative process is a suitable challenge for this Kreativ Award :)

Does anybody else feel all aglow after that celebration of creativity? No - just me then hehe. I think this would be the perfect time to pick up my 3.00mm. Until next time ... :)
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