Thursday, 26 July 2012

Three Different Flowers

For the Kreativ Award I was challenged by Shelly to make something I’ve never made before. I decided to make three different flowers.

My first flower was a Grevillea. Grevillea’s are native to Australia and have beautiful flowers, with long stem-like structures that unfurl as they bloom. They are very pretty and have, I think, a slightly alien quality. This pattern is by Camelia Shanahan and can be found here at

My second flower, which also happens to be my favourite type of flower, was Lavender. I used this pattern by Melissa Armstrong over on They turned out quite cute and bubbly and remind me a little of a Dr Seuss landscape. They make very pretty bookmarks.

My third and final flower is an Easter Lily. This is my favourite of all three. The flower comes together beautifully in the pattern, which is very easy to follow. Ideas for little sprite creatures kept popping into my head as I made this. The flower would make a beautiful headpiece for a little elf. The pattern is by Tamara Kelly and can be found here at

I very much enjoyed this challenge. It's good for the soul to try something different every now and then. Thanks, Shelly!
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