Friday, 31 August 2012

Making Hair: How to Make a Yarn Fringe

[Lost the images for this tutorial. Searching my old files. Fingers crossed I can find them.]

I’ve created this tutorial to help you when you’re ready to add hair to your Shrunken Head guy.

Over on there is an excellent tutorial on how to add hair to an amigurumi/crocheted toy using a yarn fringe. The fringe is made by crocheting together loops of yarn with cotton thread. It is a very efficient and elegant way to make a yarn fringe but it’s a technique I’m not very good at. I instead knot my yarn fringe together using cotton. The following tutorial shows you how to do this. NB: I’ve used cotton a different colour to my yarn to make it more visible. You would use cotton the same colour as your yarn.

Start by wrapping yarn around a clipboard. Alternatively you could use a folded piece of cardboard. You can stick the end of the yarn to the board with adhesive tape to hold it in place as you wrap it around. The length of your fringe will be determined by the width of your clipboard. You will be knotting the loops together with cotton along the spine of the clipboard.

Using a needle, thread a length of cotton under the first loop. Pull through until there is an equal length of cotton on either side of the loop. Tie the cotton into a knot around the first loop. Leave the needle on the cotton.

On either side of the knot you have two lengths of cotton, one threaded through the needle and one hanging loose. Thread the needle end of the cotton underneath the next loop.

Wrap the loose end of the cotton twice around the needle and pull through to make the second knot.

 Repeat for all the loops of yarn wrapped around the board.

When you have finished knotting the loops together, take a pair of scissors and cut the loops along the open side of the clipboard.

 Your fringe is now finished and ready to attach to your toy.
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