Sunday, 23 September 2012

A Darth, an Evil Queen and a Squashed Ursula

Before I fell in love with crochet, I had a brief affair with origami. It was during this time that I first came across paper models and the little block-headed dolls popular in that area of craft. I quickly dismissed them because, well, being a fan of origami the idea of cutting paper seemed sacrilegious. What was I thinking?!

*Present me slaps past me on the back of her big, fat head*

I’ve spent the last week browsing the internet for paper models and I just can’t believe the amazing work that is out there. It all started when I read a post on about Gus Santome, a talented paper model designer who shares his works on his blog When I saw his super cute Disney and Star Wars dolls, I couldn’t resist. I fired up the printer, found my craft blade and got down to work.

Unfortunately this is what happened. Poor Ursula. Using a dried up glue stick, in hindsight, was not a great idea.

 My next two attempts held up a little better.

 Darth Vader and the Evil Queen from Snow White. Anybody else thinking Villain Wedding?

 I’ve also started on a TARDIS by MikeHungerford. (Is my geek showing?)

 And plan to make a WALL-E one day …

 And maybe a Ghostbusters Headquarters. (How awesome is this?!)

But I think making this paper model of Howl’s Moving Castle is only something I can dream about – hmm, maybe I could have a go at crocheting it ;)

It’s not a forgiving craft – precision is everything – and it does test your patience but seeing what can come from it … well, it’s pretty exciting.

Till next time …
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