Thursday, 29 November 2012

That's a Big Penguin

Okay, so it's probably not the biggest penguin you've ever seen but it is one of the biggest toys I've made so far. He is 41cm, 16in tall and based on the adorable penguin in Oliver Jeffer's illustrated children's book, Lost and Found.

He was crocheted using 4 strands of DK acrylic yarn held together and a 7.00mm hook. I made him for a Christmas raffle my mum is having at her workplace and I'm really pleased with the way he has turned out. Add a bottle of champagne and a Toblerone and I think he'll make a very sweet prize.

Also, since I last posted, I had time to make another very short stop-motion. And when I say very short, I mean blink and you'll miss it. Here it is -

I bet you're all busy working on your holiday projects so I shall leave you to it. Hope you're all having fun. Until next time ...
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