Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Favourite Cartoons: Crochet Pattern Links

A couple of weeks ago I had a giveaway and I asked you guys who your favourite cartoon characters were. I did some pattern browsing and found patterns for some of the cartoon characters that came up. (There were a few I couldn't find - Tweety, Ziggy, Woody Woodpecker, Minah Bird - if anybody knows of a pattern for these guys, let me know.) Click on the pattern names or pictures to be taken to the pattern or pattern store. An asterix (*) next to the name means the patterns is free!

So here they are, in alphabetical order, your favourite cartoon characters ...

Alice in Wonderland by Loly Fuertes
I know, she's not a toy but I couldn't not include her. She's gorgeous! Don't be fooled. The photos are of the original knit version of the tea cosy but the pattern is for a crocheted tea cosy. Pattern can be purchased and downloaded from Ravelry.

Dumbo from cheerymarjo
Isn't he perfect? You can buy this pattern from the Etsy store cheerymarjo.

Felix the Cat by Luisa Contreras
An oldie but a goodie. Pattern can be purchased and downloaded from Ravelry.

Mickey Mouse Gang from Chonticha
These guys are giant! They are 30 inches plus in size. Check out the rest of this Etsy store. There are some great cartoon character patterns in there.

* Perry the Platypus, a. k. a. Agent P, by Kody May Kline 
That silent international platypus of mystery. Only found out about this character a few days ago. He is awesome! Free pattern from the blog Kody May Knits.

Pooh Bear from MuffaMiniatures 
I love the tiny crocheted creations of Mariella Vitale. Her tiny Pooh Bear is absolutely adorable. You can buy the pattern from her Etsy store. 

Popeye - Vintage Doll Pattern from dianeh5091
On Facebook, I originally posted a link to a Popeye pattern by Maijo Blanco but unfortunately it doesn't look like that pattern is available anymore. Not to worry. This vintage pattern on Etsy looks like it will do the trick. In the same store there is also a vintage pattern for the lovely Olive Oyl.

Powerpuff Girls from gurumiorama
Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup. They're too cute to resist! This is a pattern for all three and can be purchased from Etsy.

* Ruby Gloom by Me!
Couldn't find a pattern for her so I made one myself :)

Sammy Skunk from ErinScullsToyStore
Sammy remind you of anyone? ;) This Etsy store is full of great cartoon characters: a green helmeted martian, a lisping black duck, a loudmouthed rooster ... and there's a snork!

* Snoopy and Woodstock by Bethany Scofield
I love these guys to bits. This will take you to the Woodstock pattern - the link to the Snoopy pattern is at the top of the page.

* Spongebob Squarepants by Sabrina Boscolo
It's a Holy Spongebob! You can download this for free from Ravelry. 

* Tuxedo Sam by Amigurumei
The sweet little Penguin friend of Hello Kitty. This is a free pattern from the talented Amigurumei.

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