Sunday, 28 April 2013

On the way to my first yarn bomb ...

Today, for me, was one of those surprising days where everything was unexpectedly perfect. I did my first yarn bomb, though it probably went off with more of a pop than a bang. It was part of a global yarn bombing organised on Facebook by the Treblemaking Hookers.

I chose to bomb a chain link fence along this bike/walking path along the coast where I live in the north of Perth, Western Australia. The path runs by this small boat harbour where everything is beautiful, except for the rusted fence which only appears in this one section near the boat harbour. My sister, her daughters and another young friend of ours volunteered to come and support me in this tiny act of craftiness. I was nervous, worried that someone might tell me off or charge me with littering … but before I even started my bombing something lovely happened.

 A mother dolphin and her pup visited the harbour. I've been coming to this harbour for nearly 12 years and have never seen dolphins swim there before. All five of us were blown away by the moment. I don't think that the dolphins were in any distress. They seemed curious about us and came up close to us and the other people watching them from the narrow jetties. After about 10 minutes exploring the harbour, the pair swam out to the open sea and it was time to do my yarn bomb. Being told off wasn't really a concern anymore.

I chose to hang some of my micro hearts on the fence and this guy --

I was going to make just a simple doll to have climbing the fence, reaching for the hearts, but I struggled with how I should dress this heart chaser. So I asked myself, what kind of person is reaching for a heart? Yep, the Tin Man.

People ran past, walked past and cycled past and not one told me off. My sister and I and the older girls each hung a heart. I took my photos (as you can see, it was a beautiful day) and said goodbye to my Tin Man. I'll go back on Tuesday to take him and the hearts down if they are still there. It was such a lovely experience. I'm so happy we did it and I hope my little creations will bring a smile to a few faces. Kim Sofia, the treblemaking hooker who started it all, has done a post on her blog on some of the yarn bombings that took place over the weekend. Also, if you're interested in doing something like this yourself, have a look at this post by Twilight Taggers on how to yarn bomb.

Wishing you all an unexpectedly perfect day ...
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