Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Adding Hair to Kim-me

Kim-me, my amigurumi me, is coming along nicely. She has some frizzy new hair and I’m now working on her eyes.

I decided to add the hair strand by strand because this is a special project. It takes longer than other methods but you have more control, I think, on the hairline and the flow of the hair, plus it’s quite a relaxing process. I folded the lengths of yarn in half, pinned the folded ends to the head and then stitched them on with some polyester thread. I first started with the part and then the hairline and after that it was just a matter of filling in the gaps.

When all the strands were stitched on, the hair was incredibly thick. However, after I brushed it out to match the frizziness of my own hair it thinned out significantly. I think it now has just enough crazy in it to match my own.

I’m going to do more work on the eyes tonight. I might add some eyelashes. I foresee much experimenting in my future.

Hair Tutorials
If you want to check out some different methods for adding hair to your amigurumis, I’ve included some links below. Happy crocheting, people!

Amigurumi Hair from esshaych.blogspot.com: Looping on the hair method. This method is simple and quick.
Amigurumi Hair Tutorial from owlishly.typepad.com: Stitched down hair method. I love the neat look of this type of hair.
How To - Amigurumi Hair from mygurumi.blogspot.com: Multiple methods are included in this tutorial.
Making and Attaching Hair from needlenoodles.com: Fringe method. This is probably my favourite method. I make the fringe differently than what's described in this tutorial. You can take a look at the method I use here.

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