Friday, 13 December 2013

Kim-me is Finished!!

I’ve finished the Ami-me challenge set by the Mad Crochet Lab. Here’s Kim-me!

I’m a big geek, if you haven’t noticed already, so I gave her some geeky couture. She’s wearing Jayne’s iconic wooly hat from Firefly and she has a lightsaber stitched onto her shirt. I have this fleecy brown yarn and at one point I was tempted to make her a wookiee suit but decided not to. That’s a project for another day.

I didn’t have any yarn to match my maroon glasses so I gave her yellow glasses ... or are they gold? Elton John eat your heart out.

I had some success with giving her eyelashes. I followed this great tutorial from and made some from yarn fibres but I ended up adjusting them one too many times and they fell apart. I suspect I didn’t give the glue I used enough time to dry. I ended up using the frayed ends of some black ribbon for the eyelashes. They highlight the eye but are not as delicate as the yarn eyelashes.

Eyelash made from yarn fibres.

I’m very happy with her. I think she’s happy with me too though she finds Buddy pretty irritating. What can you do? Everybody’s a Firefly fan.

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