Thursday, 29 August 2013

Marilyn has been updated ...

I had the opportunity to update the Marilyn the Fancy Fish pattern this week. I was so happy to make her again. She was the first pattern I wrote up and shared and she was my first post on Woolly Toons.

The Changes
  • The original pattern only included photos of the finished Marilyn which wasn't very helpful. I've added a whole lot of new photos showing the joining process, and for fun, I took a few glam shots of Marilyn too.
  • When I was making this second Marilyn, her lips seemed less pouty than I remembered. I think I might have made a mistake when I was transcribing the pattern. In any case, I've changed the pattern so that the lips are wider and fuller.
  • I've changed some of the joining instructions. Hopefully, along with the photos, this makes the process clearer for you.
And that's it. If you've been wanting to fill that fancy-fish-shaped hole in your life, now would be the time. Enjoy!

From me and Marilyn, MWAHH!
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