Thursday, 13 February 2014

Nanny Ogg

This is a Nanny Ogg doll I made as a surprise for a lovely friend who is a fellow Discworld fan. I’ve been working away on her for a few months and, I have to say, I’ve never been so proud of one of my projects.

Nanny Ogg is a saucy ol’ witch from Terry Pratchett’s brilliant Discworld series. If you don’t know who Sir Terry is or what a Discworld is, then you need to stop reading this and go find out because you’re missing out on something wonderful. No, I’m serious. Go do it. Now. Don’t make me use my scary voice … but come back when you’re done so you can check out the doll.

I based the doll on Paul Kidby’s illustrations of Nanny Ogg because when I picture Nanny it’s Paul Kidby’s version I see. I think his interpretations of the Discworld characters are flawless.

All the clothes are removable. She has a dress, apron, cape and stockings. I also gave her a pipe and a scumble (apple cider moonshine) jug. I’d planned on taking lots of progress photos but I was so engrossed in making her I forgot to stop to take pictures. Hopefully you can get an idea of how I constructed her from the two I managed to take.

This project was fun and challenging and made with love. It really was just the perfect project. I hope you guys like her.

I was particularly proud of the boots.

‘Gytha, is there anything in the whole world you can’t make sound grubby?’
‘Not found it yet, Esme,’ said Nanny brightly.

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